Lynn Taylor Readings


If you feel stuck or at a crossroads in life, book a 30 or 60 minute reading with me for angelic guidance with regard to your current situation and how to move forward.

Lynn Taylor Coaching


If you are looking into getting some coaching, you have already made the decision to make positive, lasting change in your life.

Lynn Taylor Healing

Angelic Intuitive Healing

Angelic Intuitive Healing allows your mind to rest whilst bringing your cellular memories, intuition, listening skills and power of intention to the forefront.


I work remotely over the phone, via WhatsApp, Messenger or WhatsApp or Messenger Video. This means you can work with me in the comfort of your own home or wherever else you choose from anywhere in the world.

Your privacy

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to me so please be assured that my phone calls to you are ALWAYS carried out in a private location and cannot be overheard by other people.