Re-connect to yourself 

Disconnection to yourself is usually the result of a major life event which happened in early childhood or adulthood which resulted in you making unconscious decisions about yourself; how you need to “show up” in life in order to feel accepted, good enough or worthy of love. Together, we will discover these unconscious decisions and make connections to what is currently showing up in your life so that you can make lasting, positive change.

What to expect from this package

Your sessions are likely to include some work with your inner child where we reconnect with the little boy or girl in you to ascertain how they are feeling and what they need from your adult self.

Your inner child is also known as your ‘ego’. It is your ego’s job to keep you safe and therefore if something hurt you emotionally or physically as a child or young person, your ego will do everything in its power to prevent you from making the same mistake again.
Unfortunately, our egos are so powerful we often end up unconsciously operating from a fear-based perspective and as a result, we can ‘settle’ for relationships that don’t really serve our needs, we can find ourselves making the same ‘mistakes’ time and time again in relationships or we just generally feel "stuck" in life.

This package will enable you to ‘unpick’ those unconscious decisions from your past and enable you to move forward with clarity to achieve the relationship of your dreams.

In each session, I will give you tasks to complete to re-set your ‘default thinking’ and replace unconscious negative thinking with conscious positive thinking.

When I feel you are ready, we will include experiential healing processes into your sessions so that the low vibrational feelings currently showing up for you can be replaced with high vibrational feelings (allow up to 2 hours for these sessions).

Using a combination of coaching and experiential healing, we will work with both your conscious and unconscious mind to embed positive, long-lasting change in your life.

How to book a package

If you would like to book a package, or if you would like further information or would prefer to talk to me first please go to the ‘Enquiries’ page.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Package details

Duration: 6 weeks
Cost: £500

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