Angelic Intuitive Healing

As with the other services I offer, all my healing work is channelled through me via my Angels, guides, helpers and healers. In addition, and as a framework to our sessions, I use a method of healing called ‘Experiential Healing’ where you, as the client consciously participates in your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

What to expect from a healing session

As human beings, we often heal unconsciously; think for example about a paper cut on your finger. Whilst it may hurt to begin with, you soon forget about it and your body heals it without you having to participate in the process. The same too happens if you have crossed swords with a family member; you may feel upset at the time but you soon forget about the incident and you may not even recognise that ‘healing’ has taken place.

However, when you need to heal from loss, grief, violence or deep sadness, participating mindfully in your own healing process can make positive, lasting change in your life.

When you consciously and safely re-visit events from the past and the unconscious decisions you made as a result of these events, you can begin to release the negativity and pain that you may have been carrying energetically for years, often from childhood. As human beings, our minds are very good at blocking out pain so we don’t remember but our bodies, moreover, our cells remember it all.

During an Angelic Intuitive Healing process with me, I will work with you to connect with your body through conscious breathwork and once you are connected and relaxed, I will guide you through a series of questions and visualisations in order for you to release a layer of negative, low vibrational feeling and replace it with an uplifting, high vibrational feeling. You are awake throughout the whole process and remain in control so that we can stop at any time should you wish to do so. During the process, we will return to a point in your life when you made an unconscious decision about yourself; this decision will be affecting your life in some way today and through the angelic guidance I receive, this is what we aim to shift.

Healing in this way can help in so many ways and on many different levels as it can help bring clarity to your life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Some clients ‘feel’ different immediately and notice positive changes in their own behaviour. One client reported to me that she felt as though she had been wearing a coat made of lead for 20 years and she had suddenly taken it off. She said she felt light, bright and liberated! Another client fed back that they noticed how they were able to instil personal boundaries with ease; something they had struggled with for years and as a result, people often took advantage of them.

Each process is unique. You may release negative layers slowly and gently or it may be powerful and fast. Whatever happens though, please be assured that the universe only gives you what you can handle so we work entirely at your pace. In addition, I hold space for you throughout the process and we are surrounded by angelic love, light and protection as we work with the energy.

Angelic Intuitive Healing with me, Lynn Taylor allows your mind to rest whilst bringing your cellular memories, intuition, listening skills and power of intention to the forefront so that you can release what no longer serves you and replace it with high vibrational feelings that will enhance your life. 

How to book a healing session

If you feel Angelic Intuitive Healing is for you or you would like to find out more, please go to the ‘Enquiries’ page.

Every client is unique but in general, most clients need a minimum of 4 sessions in order to implement positive, lasting change. However, I realise that finances sometimes govern what you can do and in these instances, I will work with you as and when you can afford a session.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Healing sessions prices

£80 per session

Each session is tailored to your individual needs and will include coaching, exercises/homework for you to complete in your own time and the experiential healing process. Sessions last between 90 and 120 minutes.

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