How to make an initial enquiry

Step One

Click the button below to schedule an initial phone call with me. This will take you to my online calendar. 

If you know you want to book a reading and don’t feel the need to talk to me first, then choose between the options of “Reading 60 minutes” or “Reading 30 minutes” and follow the online instructions to book your reading. Please note that payment in advance secures your appointment.

If you are unsure which service would suit you best then choose the option ‘FREE initial consultation call’ and from the time slots available choose a time suitable to you. It says 15 minutes but in reality, I allow half an hour so please don’t feel pressured.

During the call, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and we can discuss:

  • What it is you’re hoping to achieve 
  • The general suitability of my work 

In my experience, it is good for a potential client to hear my voice and build a first impression of me but if you’d rather not use the phone you can always drop me an email in the first instance.

Step Two

At the end of our call, I’ll offer to follow up with an email summarising what we have discussed and whether I feel a reading, coaching or healing session would be most beneficial to you.

For those interested in coaching or healing work with me, I’ll attach an Information Sheet which includes details on:

1-2-1 assessments
1-2-1 sessions
Therapeutic contracts
Where I work

Step Three

After the call and follow up email, most people:

Take some time to reflect – there is no time limit on this process
Come back to me with more questions
Schedule an appointment for 1-2-1 work

Some people will also choose not to continue with the process.